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The importance of preventive maintenance on aircraft and helicopters

Expert points out that it is essential to maintain the highest level of safety in all products and processes delivered and that safety is the first objective of the aeronautical sector

In the aviation chain, safety is essential for operations to occur safely and in harmony between air operators and aircraft, becoming synonymous with efficiency and quality. 

Tatiana Aloia, co-founder, CEO & CFO of Aloia Aerospace Inc., a company focused on selling replacement aeronautical parts, highlights the importance of keeping maintenance up to date. “Just like cars, planes and helicopters require continuous maintenance, which is essential for the functioning of essential avionics systems, as well as engines and other external components”, comments the executive.

Tatiana Aloia, Co-Founder, CEO & CFO of Aloia Aerospace Inc

Tatiana Aloia, Co-Founder, CEO & CFO of Aloia Aerospace Inc

In the Brazilian market, general and executive aviation has been counting on significant results in post-pandemic demand. In the rotary wing market alone, ANAC data shows that Brazil has a fleet of over 2.000 helicopter units. In the capital of São Paulo alone, there are more than 2.200 landings and takeoffs in a single day.

The city of São Paulo boasts the world’s largest fleet of helicopters, with more than 400 units, and is responsible for displacing important world capitals, such as New York, Tokyo and Mexico City, placing Brazil on the route of the most important countries for the spare parts and maintenance market. 

Historically, some aviation accidents have occurred due to lack of maintenance or inadequate performance when replacing important parts, unfairly creating the feeling that aviation can be an unsafe means of transport. 

However, this is when the data shows otherwise. Just make a simple comparison between accidents with cars and aircraft in just one day, as history can certainly indicate that driving in a car can be more dangerous, which is also another mistaken statement. 

Regarding aircraft parts, this matter is taken very seriously. Recently, a scandal revealed that a British company placed fraudulent parts on the market, which were soon discovered and withdrawn from circulation, demonstrating that in aviation, safety issues leave no room for errors or improvisations.

Despite being invisible to passengers, whether on an airplane or helicopter, the use of certified and original parts in preventive maintenance is essential for safe air operations, making aviation efficient globally.

Giuseppe Mignoli, executive at Leonardo Helicopters, the second largest industrial group in Italy (only behind Fiat) and one of the largest high-technology industrial groups in the world, in the areas of defense, aerospace, security, automation, transport and energy, comments that security is paramount in this market.

Giuseppe Mignoli, executive at Leonardo Helicopters,

Giuseppe Mignoli, executive at Leonardo Helicopters,

It is essential to maintain the highest level of security in all products and processes delivered. Safety is the first objective of the aeronautical sector. Speaking especially about the helicopter division and the Agusta brand, an arm of the Leonardo Company, we take care of all aspects of the product life cycle to provide the highest safety standards: this starts from the design phase, through to manufacturing and operation. In each of these stages, we work together with the relevant aeronautical authorities, i.e. EASA, FAA, ANAC”, reveals Giuseppe.

And in this regard, the Leonardo executive goes further. “During the helicopter’s operation phase, one of the pillars for safety is scheduled maintenance (or preventive maintenance), based on a program, described in the helicopter’s maintenance manual, which is prepared from the design phase with a group of work called MSG3 used to develop initial maintenance requirements. The maintenance manual prescribes the rules for ensuring the airworthiness of the helicopter. This maintenance program is constantly reviewed in conjunction with the aeronautical authority to ensure that any possible aspect is under control and adapt it to guarantee the highest level of safety. Thanks to this, we can say with certainty that scheduled maintenance is essential for safety”, says Mignoli.

In this way, the role of Aloia Aerospace Inc. is essential for bringing the best parts and essential services to operators concerned about safety, after all, good operational cost management can make all the difference not only for customer service, but also for the useful life of the aircraft.

“Aloia is following the main trends in the international market, which increasingly requires greater investments and services. The company closed 2023 with revenue of almost USD 30 million, representing a 30% growth compared to the previous year. Proving that safety is an incessant pursuit of aeronautical companies”, says Tatiana Aloia.

Furthermore, Giuseppe reinforces that the aviation sector is one of the safest and knows that preventive maintenance plays an important role.

“Without certainty, we can say that the aviation sector is among those with the highest safety standards. As previously stated, preventive maintenance (or scheduled maintenance) is one of the aspects that most contributes to this, but it is not the only one. In fact, safety is influenced by several aspects such as product design, technology used, flight procedures, training, etc.”, he concludes.

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