Aloia Aerospace debuts at PBExpo with a leading role in new businesses - Aloia Aerospace

Aloia Aerospace debuts at PBExpo with a leading role in new businesses

With connections and new opportunities, Aloia Aerospace Inc. was one of the exhibitors that took advantage of new meetings at the event.

Aloia Aerospace Inc., one of the main companies in the sector, specialized in spare parts and materials for the aeronautical industry, participated at the beginning of March in PBExpo, the main world aviation and aerospace fair, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center , in Florida (USA), under the theme “Making the Connection”.

The great protagonism of the company resulted in new contacts and opportunities to attract customers and strategic partners, taking advantage of the theme of the event itself, as commented by Felicia Vance, Marketing Manager at PBExpo:

 “Presented by PartsBase, the fair aims to promote and cultivate collaboration in the aviation and aerospace industries. Our goal is to create an environment where representatives from all levels of the supply chain can network and develop their businesses.”

PBEXPO 2024 – Innovating Aviation is one of the main fairs in the MRO sector and was attended by more than 5,200 participants, among them were the main airlines, including the most important suppliers and distributors of parts in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

Given the importance of PBExpo 2024, Aloia is increasingly consolidating itself as a major player in the MRO market, mainly because it was one of the event’s official sponsors, showing the company’s relevance in the field. 

And speaking of innovation, PBExpo took the opportunity to implement the use of Artificial Intelligence as a tool to boost business, bringing MRO participants together according to their interests and needs at the time of negotiation, explains the marketing manager of the event, Felice Vance:

Felicia Vance Photo: PBExpo/Disclosure

“The goal of PBExpo is to optimize the way industry members collaborate. Last year, we implemented a first-of-its-kind airline pavilion; it was a place for airlines to gather and meet suppliers. For 2024, we have harnessed the power of AI to create a matchmaking algorithm in our mobile app that matches participants based on common interests and facilitates meetings between them.”

If MRO fairs are known for bringing together major civil aviation exhibitors, PBExpo 2024 had a pavilion dedicated to Defense companies, highlighting its commitment to facilitating greater business opportunities with a niche known for representing a large share of government investment. 

 “This year, we also added our Defense Pavilion, which brings together all military and government contractors involved with parts, maintenance and logistical support,” added Vance.

Since 2015, Aloia has closely monitored the main trends in the MRO market, which will be heated in the coming years due to the greater global demand for passenger flow, requiring more maintenance technicians and aeronautical parts replenishers. For this year, Aloia expects growth of around 25%, thanks to the expansion of operations in several strategic markets, such as the United States and Japan.

The commercial and operational director of Aloia Aerospace Inc. reinforced how the fair met expectations. “PBExpo allowed us connection and business opportunities with current customers and suppliers, and the possibility of future business with another group of different customers and suppliers. Moreover, we were able to promote and expose the Aloia brand.”

Photo: Aloia Aerospace Inc./Disclosure

The executive also highlighted what the visiting public was looking for and the importance of the event for the sector.

 “There was a greater focus on suppliers of various parts and services, so we found synergies between some products and suppliers, and possibilities for sales representation from some manufacturers. And this is important, even more so in an event that has been gaining greater scale and relevance, with representation from some important customers, airlines, a varied network of exhibitors and suppliers, with options to be explored commercially. Always a good time for connections and prospecting”, concluded Rodrigo Puttini.



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