Aloia Aerospace Inc. participates in the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference, in Brazil - Aloia Aerospace

Aloia Aerospace Inc. participates in the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference, in Brazil

The multinational specialized in spare parts and materials will be present at the largest maintenance and technical purchasing event in Latin America and the Caribbean

Between the 3rd and 5th of June 2024, Rio de Janeiro will be the stage for the largest and oldest meeting of executives from the technical, maintenance and purchasing areas of airlines and aviation suppliers in Latin America and the Caribbean, the ALTA Conference CCMA & MRO, with 700 participants who will generate contributions to the host city estimated at more than 1 million dollars in a direct, indirect and catalyzed manner.

Among the sponsors is the multinational created by two Brazilian siblings, Aloia Aerospace Inc., a specialist company in spare parts and materials for the aeronautical industry and one of the main players in the market, with the expectation of expanding the company’s visibility in Brazil, as well as generating new business for other countries.

Promoted by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), the conference, held over three days, increases the development of many businesses involving airlines and suppliers, creating opportunities for the industry in the region. 

In addition, there are many meetings of two large ALTA committees: technical purchasing and maintenance, dedicated to sharing best practices and technologies for the sector.

And all of this takes place in parallel with lectures with experts from the aeronautical sector who discuss solutions to gain efficiency and maximize the development of the sector, as well as its social and economic impact on societies.

“CCMA is a very important event for all aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean, and is always a great networking opportunity, bringing our company closer to the main customers and suppliers in the aeronautical market, with a focus on the development of the regions”, comments Rodrigo Puttini, Business Development Director of Aloia Aerospace Inc.

National aviation market

Having held the CCMA & MRO for 60 years, ALTA chose Brazil for the edition, precisely because of the numbers that the country has in the aeronautical sector, with a lot of representation around the world, in addition to considering significant advantages, such as hotel capacity, the attractive tourism and the possibilities of air connectivity.

With a fleet of 768 aircraft, Brazil has the largest fleet in Latin America and the Caribbean, making it an imposing market, showing an even greater potential for generating and expanding new business. In 2022 alone, almost 100 million passengers were transported domestically and internationally.

“We are excited to bring ALTA CCMA & MRO to Brazil. With its territorial extension, beautiful landscapes and a constantly evolving aviation industry, the country has a huge potential to contribute to the development of aviation, and, at the same time, to promote the country’s tourism chain. ALTA has been working with the Brazilian authorities to continue advancing competitiveness, confidence for more companies to invest in the country and for more people to have access to the safest and most efficient means of transport”, says the CEO of ALTA, José Ricardo Botelho.

Puttini highlights how an event like this can impact the Brazilian aeronautical market: “Brazil has a fleet of relevant aircraft and is always seen as key to the region, both in current capacity and, mainly, in future projections in the number of flights and aircraft in operation, especially in the regions where Alta manages with the CCMA”, concludes the Aloia executive.



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