ALTA CCMA & MRO provided knowledge exchange and networking - Aloia Aerospace

ALTA CCMA & MRO provided knowledge exchange and networking

Edition held in Brazil, marked an important moment for Aloia Aerospace Inc., which could strengthen the relationship with partners.

In June, the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference took place in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the largest and oldest meeting of executives from the technical, maintenance and purchasing areas of airlines and aviation suppliers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The event had 700 participants, who generated contributions to the city of approximately US$ 1 million directly, indirectly and catalyzed.

For Rodrigo Puttini, director of new business at Aloia Aerospace Inc., the conference was essential for the company to further strengthen its relationships with customers and partners.

 “The ALTA CCMA event is always a good opportunity to see current customers and suppliers, as well as those with potential, creating a huge interaction at different times”.

According to him, the participation had a positive impact on Aloia Aerospace Inc. in terms of building loyalty among current customers, deepening relationships, as well as providing a moment of interaction with new and future customers, strengthening the relationship, allowing the elimination of gaps.

Puttini ends by saying that the most important process during the ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference was, in fact, the exchange with everyone involved.

 “The aviation industry is full of highly competent professionals, the spirit that surrounds the CCMA meetings offers a lot of knowledge exchange and networking. It’s always a good time to share knowledge”, he concludes.

ALTA CCMA & MRO Conference in Brazil

Having held the CCMA & MRO for 60 years, ALTA chose Brazil for the edition, precisely because of the numbers that the country has in the aeronautical sector, with a lot of representation around the world, in addition to considering significant advantages, such as hotel capacity, the attractive tourism and the possibilities of air connectivity.

With a fleet of 768 aircraft, Brazil has the largest fleet in Latin America and the Caribbean, making it an imposing market, showing an even greater potential for generating and expanding new business. In 2022 alone, almost 100 million passengers were transported domestically and internationally.


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