Company founded by Brazilians highlights the importance of choosing spare parts in the Aeronautical Industry - Aloia Aerospace

Company founded by Brazilians highlights the importance of choosing spare parts in the Aeronautical Industry

In September this year, one of the largest manufacturers of aircraft engines in the world, CFM International, was a victim of one of the biggest scandals involving aeronautical spare parts due to falsified documents.

The fact that the airline industry is one of the safest and strictest in the world explains how the problem of adulterated parts was quickly discovered from a UK company that is being investigated.

The distribution of defective parts directly affected airlines in the United States and Australia, impacting the partial reliability of the engines that power Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft, the two most present models on domestic routes in the world.

Due to the scandal, airline companies and aviation regulatory agencies went on alert, demonstrating the growing role of companies in the sale of parts and parallel products, directly violating safety requirements, and even so, they end up being attractive due to their low price on the black market.

In this sense, Aloia Aerospace Inc., a company founded in the United States in 2015 by the siblings Tobias and Tatiana Aloia and specialized in spare parts and materials for the Aeronautical Industry, highlights the importance of hiring a service provider in the distribution of parts, warning how the circulation of undue parts can directly affect the global aviation chain.

The use of unauthorized parts can compromise not only the functioning of vital parts of an aircraft, but also put the entire physical integrity of the crew and passengers at risk, potentially leading to a tragedy.

There is also another problem: the diagnosis of the discovery of adulterated parts can result in the preventive grounding of the aircraft fleet, causing delays or even cancellations of flights and affecting customers’ reliability when choosing their charters.

Providing services and special care for executive, regional and commercial aircraft, Aloia in its eight years of existence was one of the highlights of MRO Asia-Pacific Aviation Week, one of the main aeronautical maintenance fairs, which took place in Singapore between September 26th and 28th, 2023.

Aloia is following the main trends in the Asian market, which in the coming years will be responsible for leading the global demand in passenger flow, requiring a greater demand for pilots, aircraft and maintenance technicians in the next twenty years.

The company ended 2022 with revenue of 22 million dollars, representing a growth of more than 80% per year.

For 2024, the company predicts growth of around 25%, thanks to the expansion of operations in several strategic markets, such as the United States and Japan. The partners’ expectation is to operate with Aloia on all continents, always maintaining its high standard of excellence in customer service.

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