OEM’s must treat their suppliers as backup. - Aloia Aerospace

OEM’s must treat their suppliers as backup.

Greater predictability, future demand and exclusive contracts are key factors for the MRO market to be more accurate, reliable and faster.

The month of October was marked by Aviation Week MRO Europe, where, in addition to several topics, speakers debated how MRO response time, especially in after-sales, can be benefited.

In theory, experts at the event commented that exclusive contracts, better forecasts, OEM partnerships and development of internal skills can reduce after-sales market response times.

Rodrigo Puttini, operational director of Aloia Aerospace Inc., a specialist in parts and replacement materials for the aeronautical industry, highlights how these factors directly impact the MRO supply chain.

“Greater predictability and more accurate information about future demand, upcoming contracts and greater security by the OEM can, indeed, improve and deliver more lead time accuracy and less dispersion of material delivery dates. In my view, OEMs should treat their suppliers with a backup plan for manufacturing, for example, the war in Russia, which impacted the supply of titanium materials, used in engines. With this, repair companies can prepare better by knowing the existing demand,” he explains.

Furthermore, Rodrigo comments that additional stock security is essential to minimize costs, allowing the reduction in repair times.

“Additional stocks directly impact the cost. Transferring inventory security from OEMs to MROs means outsourcing costs, so OEMs must maintain a minimum of stock and have greater adherence to their quoted lead times. “My perception is that the materials production capacity is all focused on manufacturing new aircraft and not on maintaining the existing fleet”, reveals the Aloia Aerospace Inc. specialist.

Last but not least, Rodrigo highlighted that suppliers are also less willing to invest in materials without exclusive contracts, which can interfere with delivery time, especially without volume guarantees.

“Suppliers invest if they are certain of a return on their investment. This normally happens through an exclusivity contract or customers with a guarantee of repurchase within a period. However, the supplier is a seller of parts or services, and not a manufacturer or stockist”, concludes Rodrigo Puttini.

Aloia Aerospace Inc.

Aloia Aerospace Inc. is a company specialized in spare parts and materials for the Aeronautical Industry, with special service for executive, regional and commercial aircraft in several countries.

Founded in 2015 by the siblings Tobias and Tatiana Aloia, the company’s main objective is to contribute to the global logistics flow through aeronautical supply, offering direct contact with maintenance centers and manufacturers around the world.

The partners’ expectation is to operate with Aloia on all continents, always maintaining its high standard of service.

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